Our place in all of it

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earth3So when you grow up they tell you a story about the earth, the planets, the stars and the universe.

And you take it all in and then go about with other more immediate things like passing exams, girls and getting a job.

But just stop to think about it for a minute.

Just stop to consider how you find yourself to be on this ball of rock in some or other arbitrary corner of an outrageously large amount of space.

If that thought isn’t enough to start a fire in your mind, then you may as well just give it all up right now.



The feeling of separation

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What it feels like over here is…

A subtle and not-so subtle feeling of fear mixed with wanting.

A fear of losing what I have. Losing my lifestyle. Having to live with less. Having to make compromises I don’t want to make. And the embarrassment that that would bring.

And the wanting here is not for anything that I would call enlightenment or liberation. The wanting here plays itself out in the form of business success / financial wealth.

That’s just how it feels here – sometimes weaker and sometimes stronger.

The Craziness of it all

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First there is just this craziness.

Then this craziness becomes more and more ordinary, normal and boring.

Then there is a seeking for something that is more crazy than this.

Because this can’t be it, be all there is.

Then there is just this craziness.

The more I look…

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…the more I see how we are all fed with the story – piece by piece from the moment there was an I.

And it builds one piece onto another – mostly unquestioned – all assumed to be true and real.

The biggest part of this story for me is about the ‘universe’ (whatever that is).

Not the fact that what we are told is necessarily false. More that we are told some general description about it to the degree that most of us simply forget about it and never consider it again.

And for this ‘I’ here – considering how we come to be here – is the quickest way to help me see the story for what it is.

Back here again

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Whatever I do, I always seem to end up back here again.

However hard I try for it to be different, it always seems to be the same.

Again and again and again.

And then I laugh at the joke of it all.

But before I can enjoy myself for too long, something has me hooked and there I go – off chasing something ‘very important’.

The Dream seems so real…

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The dream seems so real for me. How can it be any other way?

How can this story not be real?

The alternative is so unbelievable and “wierd” it can’t be so.

But I have a sneaky suspicion that it is indeed so…and that means the end of many things.

Everything You’ve been taught is a Story…

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The whole thing, everything, all that stuff at school, etc, etc.

All just concepts, ideas, thoughts and words.

Not one bit of it real.