Non-Duality is Oneness or Not-twoness.

It is a couple of words that point to all there is.

Everything in fact. The whole show.

And imply that in fact it’s all just one appearing as two (the many).

Most of ‘us’ live a reality of apparent separation.

And because of this we spend most of our days seeking wholeness.

And our seeking takes many forms and disguises.

Our folly though, is that we are already whole and therefore no seeking is required.

We are what we seek.

And yet we don’t realise that this is so.

But wait it gets worse…

Given reality is one, whole and non-dual – there is no you at all anyway.

You (and Me) are nothing more than a felt sense and a few arbitary thoughts.

All arising out of nothing – going nowhere – meaning nothing whatsoever – for no one.

Good eh…


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